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Xavier High School --- Appleton, WI


LINK ... to the new, free YouTube channel called Xavier Hawks Sports

These livestreams typically begin about 5-10 minutes before the event start time.

For some livestreams, the event is listed on YouTube ONLY when it goes "live." 

You *may* have to REFRESH your browser, to see the actual YouTube event.     


Xavier High School has a new YouTube channel called Xavier Hawks Sports. The channel will provide the ability to stream Xavier HOME sporting events, free of charge to viewers, to anyone not able to attend in person games at Xavier. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel. Livestreams started in 2020 with Xavier Football, and will include Xavier Basketball, boys and girls, plus Wrestling from the Torchy Clark Gym ... as well as athletic events in the Blue Gym.


Be sure to subscribe as soon as possible, and then make sure that you can access the YouTube channel well before game time.  If you have not used YouTube in the past, you must set up an account before you can subscribe to a channel. There is no cost to set up an account, or to view games live -- or via a replay, if available.


Other livestream options may be available of Xavier sports events, home and or away. Check each specific Xavier team's online schedule and-or social media page for those details.  Some other options may require a paid subscription.


Other options:  The Post-Crescent livestream, or a school's own YouTube.  


** The NFHS NETWORK is another livestream option:
Xavier will *not* use the NFHS Network for any HOME sports events. Other schools using the NFHS Network are solely responsible for their broadcast. Any livestream via the National Federation of High Schools or NFHS Network usually requires a paid subscription, which allows you to also view other sports events.  Search by school, city and state to find the event you want to watch via a smartphone, tablet, computer or other connected devices.  Some schools may provide it free.


Get your popcorn ready!


You can easily find this page on the web site by selecting the LIVESTREAM link found near the top of most pages on this web site.









updated 12-8-2020